How to Plan a Successful Fishing Trip

There are few things more enjoyable to me than a fishing trip, to get away into the beautiful country, fresh air, and let your mind relax. In order for a successful trip there are 4 things you need to figure out. First destination, second who is going, third what are you fishing for/with? and finally how long will the trip be?

First is the destination, when planning a trip it is extremely important to know where you want to go. What do you know about this location? How long does it take to get there? For example, one of the first fishing trips I went on was up in the Uintah Mountains in the eastern part of Utah. The trip was to my friends family’s cabin and the drive was about three hours. This is important to plan out so you know how to get there and can check in with family so they know your location at all times. Often river fishing takes us to very remote locations, so it is paramount to take every safety precaution.

Second is who is going? Fishing is an amazing activity because it allows both new connections to be made, and old connections to be strengthened. For example, my two close friends that I fish with frequently have been in my life since elementary school. All three of us are now married and live great distances apart. But we make great efforts to plan trips together and fish together. Even if you have no luck catching fish, you can still have a successful trip depending on the company you share it with.

Me and my buddies Will and Connor on our fishing trip to the Green River in Idaho

Third is what are you fishing for and what will you be fishing with? Before you leave on your trip and know where you are going and who you are going with, you now need to research how you are going to catch the fish. Does anyone you are going with have experience and insight on this location? A very helpful resource is to contact a fishing shop close to the location you are planning to go and get local intel. Is the fishing good? What fish are spawning? What are they eating? What are the river conditions like? What insects are hatching? The more information you can gather, the better plan you can have.

Finally it is important to know how long your trip is going to be. Is it just a day trip? A few days? A week? You need to know the duration of the trip in order to pack sufficiently. You need to know how much gear you need to bring, how many flies, back up equipment and so on. It is also very important to plan meals accordingly. Will you be camping? Do you need to pack a tent? Do you need to have emergency equipment?

The more planning you put into your trips, the higher probability you have for success. It is better to be prepared and not need your preparation than to be unprepared and need it.

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