Fishing Report 3-13-2019

Today I will be talking about my latest fishing trip on Saturday, March 13th. My two buddies Connor, Will and I planned this trip for a few weeks now. My friend will is in pharmacy school up in Pocatello, Idaho so in order to fish with him we plan in advance to try and guarantee a good fishing day.

My buddy’s first fish of the day. Trout are beautiful

We left Salt Lake City on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM and set out for the middle Provo River to a spot we frequent. It is just off the road as you get into Midway. This spot is really easy to get to, and one of the best spots to go to when you only have a couple hours to fish. The only issues are it is usually crowded (especially on the weekends), the fish are extremely smart and difficult to catch.

We got on the river and no fish were rising so we fished nymphs for about the first hour and a half. We only had one catch but then the blue wing flies began to hatch and the fish were rising like crazy. Within the small section of the river we were fishing there were at least two fish rising every 30 seconds. The river was on fire. But frustratingly enough, every bug on the water was getting slurped up EXCEPT for our flies! This is a very interesting phenomenon and shows just how smart trout can be and how important it is to be a very skilled fisherman. Presenting a fly needs to be as natural as possible or the smarter fish will not take it. This is what fly fishing is all about, it wouldn’t be so fun if it wasn’t such a challenge. The more you struggle, the better it feels when you succeed.

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