Montana Wild “Bucknasty Browns”

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Montana Wild is an outdoor youtube channel/ social media platform ran by some really rad dudes. This video “Bucknasty Browns” is what really cultivated my passion for fly fishing and gave me a lot of inspiration when I was first getting into the sport. Earlier in my life when I thought of fly fishing I thought of old grandpas standing in a river complaining about kids these days and the waitress at the diner over charging him. Montana Wild showed me that there is a younger more vibrant community.

The term “Bucknasty Browns” may seem odd at first, but once you understand the reference, it is perfectly fitting. The term refers to brown trout and their undeniably aggressive and violent behavior. They are very different from the other species of trout and their aggression and generally larger size makes them a very desirable catch for most anglers. 

This video also shows the effort that needs to be made to be a successful fly angler. They travel a few hours to get to a very remote fishing location (the specific location is conveniently left out) as to ensure that these wild brown trout have had very little to no contact with many fishermen. Then they spend the first day trying to get down exactly what the browns are eating and what times they are more likely to feed. 

The videography and music choice in this film really stood out to me and captured the essence of what this growing sub-culture of fly fishing is all about. You can fish and be cool at the same time! Another thing that is impressive is the encorpqoration of sponsorships without the viewer really noticing. The larger sponsors have their logos in the beginning of the video but their smaller sponsors are shown by a quick flash to the products the fishers are using.  I really like the layout and build up of this video. The beginning with the interviews of the different members of the fishing trip really helps to connect with them and see their personalities. You get to see what fishing and this trip meant to them. Then you get a glimpse of how they prepare and how you can possibly improve your own preparation for trips. The shots of the fishing are absolutely stunning. There is always a diminishing of the experience from first hand to watching it on video but Montana Wild does an amazing job at almost eliminating that factor. You feel as if you are right in the water with the fishers and the brown trout. That is really what this video promotes, to get out and catch some fish. 

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