Why I Choose Fishing With a Fly Rod Over a Spinning Rod

The first evidence of early humans and fishing dates back over 50,000 years ago, according to Kathyln Stewart or the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Fish was a critical food for early hominids and provided necessary nutrients for evolutionary development. It is also widely accepted that learning how to best catch fish provided early man with early problem solving and adaptation that aided in intellectual growth.

Since man first began to tame the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, fishing purposes and techniques have blossomed into a vast canvas of possibilities. Today you can fish with a trap, a net, rod, or a spear and you can fish for sport, food, enjoyment, and even therapy. Within the vast fishing community, most casual fishermen find themselves using a rod and line technique that is designed to hook a curious fish and is then reeled in. Within this method there are two primary categories of fishing with a rod, a spinning rod and a fly rod. A spinning rod relies on a heavy bait or lure to cast and is designed to either sit deeper in the water or be reeled in at a quick pace to attract hunting fish. A fly rod relies on more action from the fisherman, the rod is whipped back and forth to generate momentum to get very light bait or a “fly” to the desired distance.

The majority of my life I used the spinning rod method. Using a spinning rod has many benefits, it is very effective for fishing on larger, more still bodies of water. It is much more simple to operate, and requires less attention. Using a fly rod is primarily designed for river and stream fishing, although you can use it on larger bodies of water, requires more attention, and is fairly more difficult. However I fell in love with fly fishing for 3 reasons.

  1. I found that because it requires you to be much more active, you are more engaged and become more focused. (Even when you don’t catch anything you are still being active.)
  2. You can wind up in the most beautiful places. The western United States and the Rocky Mountain house some of the most incredible natural real estate. You will never be short of a view while fishing the streams and rivers here.
  3. It provides me with great mental and physical health therapy. The open country, fresh air, and the required hiking and mobility to find the perfect spot has had a tremendous effect on my health.

If you have never been fly fishing, get out and do it. Study up, watch “how to” youtube videos. You will not regret your decision. I promise

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